My Summer Blogging Hiatus

I have received a few hundred e-mails asking if I am OK because I have not posted to the blog for so long. I was waiting to answer until I knew if I was OK or not. I am still not sure if I am OK yet. I do know that 7 people who I considered friends have passed on in the last 5 weeks and 2 more have terminal cancer. I can say that I have learned to appreciate TODAY.

I was a bit nervous after I bought our new boat because there was so much that I thought she needed. This took nearly my entire summer’s worth of time and resources. These are the BEFORE pictures:


I’ll be honest here, she was not much to look at and I love most any boat. What I saw here was potential. I replaced the standing rigging, the running rigging, the life lines, the boarding ladder, the bimini top, the tiller handle, the engine, the mainsail cover along with adding a stern rain, a jib bag, life line netting, and a complete new paint job. I ran all the running rigging back to the cockpit. She is looking sweet today and my original doubts are now gone. I have sail her in some heavy wind and she out performed my expectations.

I now have a Sailrite LSZ-1 sewing machine but that is for another blog. Krazzee Kora has become a labor of love and she is here to stay.

About Scott

Regular men worry about bank balances, bills, waistlines, wifes, mistress' actual or potential, jobs, tires on the car, and politics. Sailors worry about boats. I sail, it is that simple. If you were talking about politics, religion, economics, money, business, your job, or your kids, I was probably not listening. Sorry, I am a sick man and claim no purchase on sanity.
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2 Responses to My Summer Blogging Hiatus

  1. Captain Wendy Zampardi says:

    So I happened upon your website while searching for information on S. Jackson, thank you by the way, and I decided I should perhaps do a bit of snooping about while was here.

    So now I see you were a C-22 owner; I raced a C-22, quite champion she was when I wasn’t at the helm. You suffered 4-footitis; I suffered 6-footitis with a caveat (had to be trailerable). We are both planning trips on the loop. Is your spouse on board; I’m still working on mine?

    Anyway, you’ve done a lovely job on Krazzee Kora and aren’t they ALL a labor of love. Except for the pure joy and peace of being on board, they will never produce a decent ROI. However, there is no place I’d rather be.

    Best wishes and perhaps we shall meet again on the loop.
    “Go small, go simple, go now” ― Larry Pardey, Cruising in “Seraffyn”

    • Scott says:

      I am glad that I could provide some info on this Jackson character. He still sends me e-mails from time to time and I still do my best to waste as much of his day as I can.

      I was never much of a racer although Boomdiada always seemed to do well despite her shorter waterline. The person that bought her does race her and took 1st place in his first Regatta. I always considered myself more of a Boy Scout and loved getting out on the water for a week or so at a time, learning to make do with very little. That still thrills me to no end but the larger boat has allowed for a few extra supplies.

      My wife is looking forward to going on the loop. She wants to work about 2 more years even though I have been hounding her to quit. If anyone ever sat down to figure ROI for a boat, they would never buy one. All of my effort goes into the boat and making sure that I am on it. For me too, there is no place I would rather be. What kind of boat did you find?

      There is a Facebook Group for The Great Loop :
      and also if you go to :

      There is a lot of great information. You probably already know about the 2nd link but it is the best one I have found so far. I have all the the Pardey’s books.

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