To Bay Or Not To Bay; Lake Francis Case

See.....more boats on the water. It is NOT just me who has to be out there.

It appears I am not the only guy who has been driving his wife berserk about going sailing for the last three months (actually it was closer to four months but my wife said three, I am leaving that alone). I am happy to report there are two more sailboats sitting in the marina as of Saturday. I spoke to the owners and they did appear to be highly relieved to have their babies off the hard dry.



It looked bad but really was not all that terrible.


We heard of impending rain, scatter thunderstorms, and some light scattered sunshine scheduled to land on this weekend for the better part of the week now. We did happen to find all three of these things along with a bit of hail to top it all off. All in all, it was a diamond of a weekend and I wouldn’t have traded it for a new Hyundai and a tank full of gas.


Not many things beat a sail full of free fuel.


We left the marina somewhere around noon on Saturday. When we sail and do not care where we go or when we get there, time is not something we care much about. I am only certain there is just never enough of it. We shut off the phones (we were lucky enough to find a service that does not work at the Missouri River so have have a good excuse to shut them off). I know out on the larger ponds, keeping track of the time is required for mathematically figuring your positioning unless you have made that big leap in technology to the Electronic GPS unit that does all of that for you and even it will tell you the time.

The never ending scenery at Lake Francis Case.


We instantly found a beauty of a southern breeze that was about 8 knots so we had a relaxing sail that made going north look pretty appealing. No place to go and all day to get there is a great problem to have. Sailing north in the past, we have stayed at Buryanek Campground bay on several occasions but opted instead to go to the next bay north mostly to avoid the boat ramp traffic. Suzie and I both tend to avoid crowds and that probably has something to do with the reason sailing is so appealing to us. Tranquility in large volumes with buckets of peace and quiet seem to fit well with our lifestyle. My brother Kevin also came with us this weekend and he takes nearly anything equally in stride.

I did get the chance to try out my fancy new rain coat.


We passed through a small rain shower on out way to Buryanek that was peaceful but just a little on the chilly side. Suzie and Kevin hid down in the cabin with the cabin roof lowered and hatch and companionway closed. The fancy new raincoat I bought this spring sure came in handy and worked great as I could have stayed out in a much heavier and colder rain and been just fine.  The water at Francis Case is still way down but I did hear a rumor on Sunday that they have been holding back some water up above and they do plan to release it. I hear they intend to raise Francis Case by three feet so that is at least slightly encouraging.

Tucked away safely awaiting the storm.


After we found a comfy spot out of the wind and away from the fishing traffic, we got a good look at the raincloud we had gone through to get here. It was moving away from us but another did start over the horizon toward us. It did appear to be moving north faster that it was coming toward us at the east. After a bit, we started hearing the thunder and really saw very little lightning. I stayed ready to raise  the main in case of a funnel cloud. I hate to see a good wind go to waste. The weather passed quickly and we spent the time in the cabin reading. Well, Suzie and I did anyway. Kevin was wondering where I hid the beer.

Almost a sunset.


After the storm, it was cooler but really very pleasant. This was supposed to be the big night of the rapture. Not that I figured I was worthy of making the trip but Kevin still being there proved to me that tonight was not the night. There are not many people I would count on disappearing when the day comes but I have to admit, Kevin would definitely but on the list. Sleeping on the water is a huge treat for me. Not necessarily that I sleep any better. I have a neurological dysfunction of some kind and I really sleep poorly but on the water, there is so much to see and to feel, that I just do not care. When the anchor went in, I did not feel that it got a real good bite on the bottom so I left the motor down just in case the wind blew and we broke loose.

We actually had a hail of a good time.


The wind remained light and we had another light rain sometime in the early morning that I actually missed in the rare event that I actually zonked for just a little bit. I did watch the sun rise and as the light wind blew, I took the opportunity to contemplate the continuing battle of good and evil as it seemed that yesterday was not the day. The wind blew the boat lightly as she swung on her anchorage in about a 80 degree arc. Each time the companionway passed the sunrise, the race between the sun and the cloud cover continued. On the hard dry, I would never be entertained by something so simple. The sun started off making good headway and it appeared as if the sunshine would prevail for the day. About every third time crossing this scenic picture, the clouds would be covering the sun but as I crossed it and looked again, the sun was back in the lead. I seriously thought of trying the catch the entire struggle on camera, but I could have never done it justice.

Do I look sane? I do try to look sane even though most people know better.


Out on the water, the mind takes the time to really soak in what is happening. Everything feels different, the air smells better, the food tastes better, the coffee in incredible, the sounds, the sights, and a complete lack of stress. If you have been there, you know and if you have never been there, you may be reading this thinking I am a certified nut job. I assure that I have been certified, this is true but that is beside the point. A week on the water is worth a month on the hard dry.

If you made me stay out here forever, I would not be mad at you.

I would take 100 more weekends just like this and you would never hear a complaint out of me.

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Regular men worry about bank balances, bills, waistlines, wifes, mistress' actual or potential, jobs, tires on the car, and politics. Sailors worry about boats. I sail, it is that simple. If you were talking about politics, religion, economics, money, business, your job, or your kids, I was probably not listening. Sorry, I am a sick man and claim no purchase on sanity.
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